Position* Name Term
President Roberta Winters 2019 - 2021
1st Vice President Dorothy Orlichowski

2018 - 2020

2nd Vice President Barbara Schraudenbach 2019 - 2021
Secretary Susan Underwood 2019 - 2021
Treasurer / Membership Chair Anne Childs 2018 - 2020
Director Voter Services Gayla McCluskey

2019 - 2020

2020 Nominating Committee

Anne Childs (Chair), Sue Feldman, Barb Schraudenbach, Dorothy Orlichowski, Cheryl Tumola

* Board members listed must comply with our Nonpartisan Policy

Off-Board Positions (2019-2020)

NOTE: Members are appointed to off-board positions by the Board for one-year terms.  Off-Board members may attend board meetings to present matters in their areas of interest but are otherwise not involved in making League policy and may not vote on board matters.  They are not expected to comply with our Nonpartisan Policy.

Position Name
Bookkeeper John Nagle
Database/Roster Manager Michele Hunn
Teen Voter Registration Susan Newitt
Naturalization Ceremonies Janine Bostick, Anne Murphy
Education Liaison Roberta Winters
Tech / On Line Communications Team Annamarie Hessman, Jill Huentelman, Lisa Borowski, Annie Webb, Gale Morrison, Sophie Greer, Ginny Kreitler
Print Communications Roy Perry
Civic Participation Luncheon Pat Jordan, Susan Smith
Civic Participation Award Cheryl Tumola
Local Redistricting/Forum Support Susan Feldman
Voting Rights/Education Sally Saunders
Education Liaison Brad Moore
Delco League Liaison Mary Inman
Health Liaison Kathy Wright
Radnor Conservancy Liaison Laura Luker
Radnor Historical Society Liaison Lynn Ellis
Wayne Business Association Lynn Ellis
Environmental Issues Ginny Kreitler
Radnor Memorial Library Liaison Barbara Welsh
CeaseFirePA Liaisons Gale Morrison, Nancy Lamason
Youth Voting Liaison Annachalika CHauchan
2020 Celebration Liaison Gale Morrison
RHS Student Liaison Ellie Davis
CommUNITY Collaborative Liaison Susan Underwood


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