John has been a long-time member of the League, since before 2000.  From 2006-2009 he served as Treasurer, and has served off-board as our Bookkeeper since 2010.

John represented Radnor Township's 5th Ward as Commissioner for 10 years, and was a member of the BoC subcommittee that performed the most recent redistricting of Radnor's wards and precincts.

He was one of the founders of the Radnor Conservancy, serving on their Board for over ten years.  He served on Radnor's Parks and Rec Board and the Environmental Advisory Committee.

John's interests include Parks, Trails, Environment and Governance.

Professionally, John Nagle is a retired engineer who worked in the power industry, mainly nuclear.   He served in the US Air Force from 71-73 and was ranked Sergeant upon discharge.  Most recently he has been consulting on Emergency Preparedness.

John has lived in Radnor for 36 years with wife Barbara and daughter Justine.

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