An internship with the League of Women Voters of Radnor Township is an opportunity for high school and college students to pursue an interest or passion related to improving the Radnor community, to educating the public on selected governmental issues, and/or to promoting political responsibility or active participation in civic affairs. Projects, be their individual or team efforts, are developed through collaboration between those seeking internships and League leadership. Individualized guidance and flexible scheduling are provided throughout the internship period, using during the summer months. On conclusion, final projects are shared with peers, league members, and the general public in a variety of venues – from local government meetings to programs on public access television.

Although internships are rarely compensated financially, each intern receives a free membership in the LWV of Radnor Township and a personal recommendation for use in college applications or future job opportunities. When available and appropriate, students may participate through the Radnor High School Internship Program sponsored by the Radnor Educational Foundation.

For more information or to apply for an internship, contact President Emeritus Roberta Winters.

Student Members and Student Leagues

Our Student Members are enrolled in many high schools, colleges and universities. The LWV student memberships are currently free as long as you are enrolled in school. 

Some of our students, such as those at Radnor High School, have their own league leadership structure.

Find out what our students and interns have been doing in the community

Our 2021 Student Intern projects include:

William Meyer, Local Government and Elections

Ellie Davis, History of our Local League

Tegan Kelsall, Redistricting, Representation and Gerrymandering

Cate Ciminero, Composting in Radnor






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