Here's a quick rundown of what will appear on Radnor Township election ballots in 2023 as of Jan 4, 2023.  Please note that the ballot can undergo changes as each election approaches. We'll return to update this page as events unfold.

Statewide Offices

Justice of the PA Supreme Court (1 vacancy, 10 year term)

  • There is one vacancy due to the death of Justice Baer in 2022
  • this court hears discretionary appeals from lower courts, such as the Superior Court, the Commonwealth Court and the Court of Common Pleas
  • this court can assume jurisdiction over any case in the Pennsylvania court system
  • this court hears cases of habeas corpus, mandamus, and quo warranto

Justice of PA Superior Court (2 justices, retention question for additional 10-year term)

  • Instead of facing an opponent in a partisan election, incumbent justices appear for re-election as a yes/no retention question.
  • There are two justices up for a retention question in the Nov 2023 election, Jack Panella and Vic Stabile.
  • The Superior Court is one of Pennsylvania's two statewide intermediate appellate courts
  • often the final arbiter of disputes
  • responsible for appeals in criminal and civil cases from the Courts of Common Pleas
  • responsible for appeals on matters involving children and families

Justice of PA Commonwealth Court (1 vacancy, 10-year term)

  • There is one vacancy due to Justice Brobson's 2021 election to the Superior Court
  • The Commonwealth Court is the second of Pennsylvania's two statewide intermediate appellate courts
  • responsible for matters involving state and local governments and regulatory agencies
  • acts as a trial court when lawsuits are filed by or against the Commonwealth
  • responsible for original civil actions brought by and against the Commonwealth
  • responsible for appeals made by state agencies and the Courts of Common Pleas

For more information about Pennsylvania's courts, please visit

Delaware County Offices

Delaware County Council (3 positions, 4-year terms)

  • responsible for all legislative and administrative functions of Delaware County government
  • involved in activities pertaining to economic development, public transportation, waste disposal, human services, land use and culture
  • responsible for adopting a budget each calendar year, raising funds through taxes or bonds for capital projects, setting payroll scales and employee size

District Attorney (1 position, 4 years)

  • the district attorney represents the Commonwealth in criminal judicial proceedings in a Delaware County
  • prosecutes cases in Delaware County
  • assesses legal merits in bringing criminal charges against alleged perpetrators

Radnor Township Offices

Board of Commissioners (1 position in each odd-numbered ward, 4-year terms)

Radnor Township is divided geographically into seven wards.  Each member of the Board of Commissioners represents a ward.

  • serves as legislative and executive authority at the Township level
  • supervises township operations, appoints principal officials to run the day-to-day affairs of the township, and it appoints members to advisory boards, commissions, and authorities.
  • establishes an annual budget and levies taxes
  • passes policy and regulatory ordinances.

Board of Commissioners Ward 4 Special Election (1 position in Ward 4, 2-year terms)

  • Vacancy in Ward 4 due to election of Commissioner Lisa Borowski to PA State House
  • Board of Commissioners appointed Rosemont resident Jim Riley to serve as interim Ward 4 Commissioner until the Special Election is held to let the voters decide.

School Directors (5 positions, 4-year term)

  • In compliance with state and federal laws, the School Board establishes policies and regulations by which Radnor schools are governed.
  • Responsibilities include adopting District policy, approving the annual budget, setting the tax rate, and employing a superintendent.

Ballot Questions

There are no questions as of January 4, 2023

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